Bottle blonde 4% The Keghouse bottle blonde is a play on words and it is, as the name says, fun and light. This is an easy drinking beer that transitions the lager drinker into the world of craft ales. The blonde has some biscuit and malt character on the nose, very low hop aroma. It is a light to medium body beer with a smooth bitterness and a dry finish.
This beer pairs well with Crayfish, lobster, other shellfish and gouda cheese.
Keghouse clacker amber ale 4.5% The Keghouse American pale was one of the first beers we brewed. Over the years the recipe has changed a bit to improve the taste flavour and hop balance. The beer starts off with a medium body and nice caramel notes. You get an aroma of citrus from the cascade hops; it is not overly bitter and well balanced.
This beer pairs well with most foods, but best with a burger, pizza and even brie cheese.
Keghouse Jolly pumpkin ale 6.5% Jolly pumpkin ale
The jolly pumpkin ale is one of our most unique beers. The base beer is an American brown ale, and we add roasted butternut, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice to it. Really Christmas in a glass.
This pairs well with butternut soup, pork roasts and also pulled pork.
Keghouse Chili choc stout 4% The Keghouse Chilli chock stout is our newest beer and combines a dry stout with chocolate and chilli notes. Dont worry it does not burn...... much. You only really feel the chili on the back of your throught.
This pairs excellence with any dark deserts.

Misty gold Belgium wit bier 4.5% The Keghouse misty gold is a typical Belgium wit bier. Brewed with malted wheat and containing orange peel and coriander, it is a really refreshing summer beer. At this moment this is the brewmaster's choice.

This beer also pairs well with light curry dishes with chicken or with seafood.